All About Tao

I am aged 41 and am from the UK, where I live with my wife and 2 children, both of whom are growing up too fast and are already into double figures. My academic background is in art and design and I have qualifications in both Art and Graphics Design although I (accidentally) ended up working in IT for my main career. I have had roles as a field engineer, desktop support, team leader and more recently as a Technical Lead for an IT outsourcing company.

I have been involved with Internet Marketing for around 6 years now, since Ed Dale started the “30 Day Challenge” and I just sort of stumbled across it online and thought it would be good fun to try. Prior to that I had a Blogger blog for a few years which then migrated to a full WordPress site on a shared hosting platform once I had outgrown it’s capabilities.

My first online earnings came from using BANS (Build A Niche Store) which is now a discontinued PHP platform for creating eBay affiliate sites. It was not a bad product at all and some of my original BANS sites are still going strong now without any tweaking or updating at all.

I then branched out into building WordPress sites using plugins such as Reviewazon, phpBay and phpZon and began to dabble more with PHP code, which, seeing as I had done Visual Basic before, was not too much of a leap for me. I have a programmers brain in there somewhere. I have realised that my brain immediately seeks to improve things, usually through PHP scripts, when I am working on new money making methods. I am not sure if that is a good or a bad thing though, as it leads me down a road where I am not “taking action” on the method itself, but creating tools in PHP to make it easier for me.

After a while the BANS product was no longer supported by the developers and I took it upon myself to re-code and update parts of it due to eBay changes. I have also created a WordPress plugin called Super Bulk Post Maker (SBPM) that allows you to easily create a site using spun text.

The main goal of creating this blog/site is to keep a record of a new site building challenge that has started with other members of the OneLungThin (OLT) forum. I will also be using it to provide information about products that I think do work and methods that I have tested and can confirm that they are valid. There is so much Internet Marketing dross out there these days – it will be nice to help a few people by cutting through the trees to reveal the path.