Bring The Adsense Ban Hammer

Well, I guess it had to happen some day.

I got a nice email from my good pals at Google, saying that they have “disabled” my Adsense account for not playing by their rules.

I kind of knew deep in my stomach that it would come eventually but it still hurts.  My Adsense earnings were around £100 per month, so not a massive amount of money, but certainly a kick in the teeth to my overall strategy of making some money online.

I did get another email the other day saying that the Adsense had been removed from one of my thin sites and, in hindsight, I should have gone mad an taken it off of all of my thin sites, leaving only my main thicker content blogs to carry the load.  And to be honest, it was the thicker sites that were generating my Adsense income, not the thin ones.


I am in the process of adding Infolinks to the bigger sites in the hope that any income is better than sod all.  Luckily, I have added all of my WordPress sites to an InfiniteWP dashboard too, so quickly disabling all of my Adsense plugins was a breeze.  I do have my old BANS sites to deal with though, plus those sites where I might have hard coded any Adsense blocks.

It’s not the fact that I am annoyed because I was whiter than white – more the fact that I am now going to have to struggle to make back that £100 a month via other means.  Hassle – this MMO thing is real hassle…

So what does this mean for my Painful Feet site I have been building as part of my niche site challenge?  I guess I will be rethinking my monetization strategy.  Adsense was going to be my primary source of income, so I need to start thinking outside of the Google box.  Not that I have actually made any money so far with the site…  More of that another time…