Day 11 – I Have Started!

Greetings followers and patrons of this Niche Site Challenge!  I bring great news from the North!  Game Of Thrones starts again in a few weeks!  The other news is that I have started my site!  Rejoice!

After going through my list of ideas for sites and slaving over Market Samurai for a few hours, I have decided to create the niche around “sore feet”, which I suffer from terribly.  I have an affliction called Plantar Fasciitis, which makes almost every step painful, especially first thing in the morning.  Therefore, I do know some information about the niche, which will help me with my content writing.  Empathy is a good selling tool 🙂

I have found a single keyword I would like to concentrate on ranking the site for in this niche, but I have registered the domain as a generic title, not specific to that keyword.  However, I will be using content about sore feet, symptoms, treatments or issues to build around this keyword.

Some of the sites for this keyword that are in the top 10 are not “authority site”s, so with a little link juice in the right direction, I hope to crash in there somewhere over time.  There are a few other affiliate and Adsense sites I have found when searching for a domain name (which do not feature in the top 10), which I believe is also a good sign that there is a niche there to be exploited.

I am planning to monetize the site using Adsense initially, but there may be opportunities to link to Amazon items or eBooks/ClickBank type content too in the long run.  Ideally, depending on how the site ranks for other keywords or the niche of “sore feet” in general, I will consider creating an eBook or membership site where information on home treatments and exercises are sold.

At present, the content is only 2 pages deep.  I have taken some relevant content from eZinearticles and rewritten them using my Article Sentence Rewriter PHP script (which I plan to develop into a standalone site.  Yes!  I think it is that good!).  One page has already stretched to over 1000 words, so I might need to cut that into 2 posts (although the analysis paralysis in me is thinking that maybe longer articles might be better for ranking with Mr Google).  I have prevented the site from being indexed whilst I get some content and design on there and hope to launch soon.

Short and sweet, written for easy consumption by visitors, or long, better suited for ranking?  Who knows… (unless you do? – leave me a comment below)

One good thing about using tools such as my Article Sentence Rewriter PHP script, is that you can rewrite the article using your own voice, which will give a consistent feel and theme for the site.  Plus, it makes me more of an expert on the subject too as the site becomes more developed.

I also need to decide on a WordPress theme to use for the site and am leaning towards Thesis 1.85 (not version 2 – as it is a big-bag-of-crap) as I know it inside and out and it pretty much ticks all the boxes.  Either that, or Spectrum from WooThemes.  I want to go for a Magazine type design as there will be different types of content.  I also need to create a logo using Photoshop and assign that to the Facebook, G+ and Twitter profiles I have registered to go with the site.  I also plan to include Pinterest too, as this seems to be quite popular at the moment with the kiddies.

Anyway, I am off to grab some lunch.  See you soon!

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