Day 11 – Newbie Fuck Up

Shoot, poop and double crap!

I have made a “boo boo” as they say, when it comes to my Keyword Research on this Niche Site Challenge.

I was grabbing some of the data from Market Samurai to post here as screenshots and have realized that I may have chosen the wrong keyword completely.  After I was touting the low competition in my previous post, I was a little confused when I started checking the data.

The initial keyword data looked ok:

My keyword data
Searches (Broad) 40500
Searches (Phrase) 9900
Searches (Exact) 8100
SEO Traffic (Broad) 17010
SEO Traffic (Phrase) 4158
SEO Traffic (Exact) 3402
Phrase-to-Broad 24%
SEO Comp 27
Adwords CPC (Broad) $2.07
Adwords CPC (Phrase) $3.22
Adwords CPC (Exact) $3.21
Adwords Value (Broad) $673.85
Adwords Value (Phrase) $47.4
Adwords Value (Exact) $33.03
SEO Value (Broad) $35210.64
SEO Value (Phrase) $13388.81
SEO Value (Exact) $10920.5

But when I came to check the SEO Competition data in Market Samurai, I had a shock!  Perhaps this was not the keyword I had thought was so good.

Lots of the sites in the top 10 are registered with DMOZ  which will be hard to beat.  Many of them have “Domain Age” that is over 10 years! (Hard to beat) and most have a PR of 2 or over.

market samurai seo competition

The only good sign is that the parts of the SEO competition where Market Samurai checks if the keyword is in the URL, Title and H tags shows that most of the pages are not optimized properly.  Also, the majority of the pages are not backlinked too, which will be good for me.

So now, I am doubting my research.  I suspect that I was thinking of a different keyword when I pressed the “go” button on the domain.  Or that I was looking at the green parts of the SEO analysis, and ignoring the rest.

So, my next plan will be to stay “on niche” but find another keyword to target that is not quite so difficult and tweak my content to suit.

Triple plop and damn it all to hell 🙁