Day 15 – Current Progress

So, we have hit day 15 of the Niche Site Challenge and my new site is underway and I am in the process of adding content to it.

However, I am still not aware of exactly which keyword I will be targeting yet.  Hopefully, I will be able to spend a good hour tomorrow morning with Market Samurai to find something good and then update the content to include the keyword I am targeting.

I have spent some time tweaking the site layout (I ended up going with the Spectrum theme from Woothemes in the end).  I have also created a logo and updated the Facebook page, G+ account and Twitter account with the same logo, so I can get a good “brand” out there.

So – it’s time to let the site out of the bag, so to speak…

The site is registered under painful feet . com (with a hyphen between the words.  I won’t link to it here so that the results don’t get skewed).  I plan to add some unique content to the site slowly over time (once I have got some good keywords ready) and it should evolve into quite a big authority site as there is quite a lot I can write about.

I have some ideas to make the site unique and some strategies for content I am working on, re-purposing each post into other types of content which will help with backlinks.  My ultimate goal will be to either link to a good eBook on Clickbank or write my own to sell via the site.  I am also thinking along the lines of creating some sort of auto-responder series too.

Anyway, the site is ready for indexing now and I am participating as much as I can on places like G+ and Facebook, finding like minded people and companies that I can network with and get ideas for content from.