Day 17 – Don’t Rely On The Usual Tools

I never managed to spend my Saturday morning at my son’s soccer practice, stealing their WIFI to get Market Samurai keywords.  He was not feeling very well and it was raining heavily, so I let him take the day off.  It was quite well timed actually as he threw up later in the day.  Soccer would have just made him worse I think.

I have created 2 more pieces of content for the site and made them live.  I now have 26 pages indexed (with 6 direct visitors – no doubt from people like you, reading this challenge) probably as I was just relying on Google discovering the site naturally, rather than me using tools to index it.  I dropped links from the respective Twitter, G+ and Facebook pages to the new content and even linked out from an article to an authority article/site too – just in the hope it would get them to retweet it.  Nothing yet though.  Perhaps they don’t work weekends? 🙂

Thinking about linking out to other sites does raise the question of whether I should curate my content, rather than write it all myself.  I think, for now, I will keep using my sentence rewriter script  (recently updated with some jQuery goodness) to rewrite existing articles and drop in relevant pictures, quotes or passages as blockquotes, linking back to the source.  This looks more natural than just curating the whole thing.

I also put in a good hour on Market Samurai (whilst my poorly son slept), trying to find some good keywords that I could use for the site.  However, I could not really find anything!  It started to dawn on me that my old methods for using MS are most likely very outdated.  Add to that the fact that they now grab their keyword data from totally different sources than before and I am bound to fail.

So this is what I did to kick start my keyword research.

I recently re-discovered an old tool of mine that scrapes the Yahoo Suggest engine.  This is totally unsupported by me and therefore it might stop working at any time – so no guarantees that when you click the link, it will still be there 🙂  (hmmm – perhaps a new site with this script hosted might be an idea to rival ubersuggest)!

So I entered plantar fasciitis as the keyword and let the tool do it’s work, grabbed the output and pasted it into Market Samurai.  I then took away ALL of the filters, apart from the PBR (Phase to broad ratio) and ran the Analyze Keywords metrics against each of the keywords (using Exact match and monthly data).

I then sorted by search amounts (SEOT), checked to see that the value of Adwords Cost Per Click (AWCPC) was above $1 or so, and then started looking at the keywords and trying to spot ones that might work well as articles or posts.  For those I spotted, I then ran the SEO Competition module against them and have now found some quite nice keywords to work on.  Plus, some of them have some popular Amazon items linked to them too, so I am now thinking of installing phpZon to handle that part of it.  I have done direct in-text links to Amazon so far, but perhaps phpZon might be helpful and serve a better “call to action” that a simple link.

So, perhaps my strategy should be to work on a host of low competition, related keywords, hoping that this will create more of an authority site on the subject of painful feet problems and cures.  It may work out that some of my posts become ranked well for certain terms that I have not thought of yet – which does happen – and I could rejig the site around those popular terms.

One thing I would like to get is some proper medical images of foot problems.  There are plenty out there and I am tempted to just grab a few and link back to the source out of courtesy.  The site is missing this sort of “credible” images.  I can only use images from Shutterstock or iStockphoto for so long before they all look the same.

Anyway.  My son is feeling better today and despite the rainy/snowy weather, I am off to the park to kick the ball through the puddles for an hour or so.  The take away points from this weekend are:

  1. Not to rely on the old tools – or try to find more up to date training for them.
  2. Look elsewhere for keyword ideas and don’t rely on the usual metrics to decide if they are good keywords or not.  Dig deeper into the detail and you will be surprised what you find.
  3. I also read through this interesting infographic about SEO in 2013 and what works and what no longer works.  Interesting reading – and kind of puts an end to my link building ideas (articles etc).  However, I do have some other, good ideas too.

I know that people read this – so tell me – what do you think of the site and my progress so far?  Some feedback would be nice 🙂

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    I’ve only ever built thin EPN sites so it is interesting to me to read this process. I appreciate seeing the process from the beginning. Thanks!

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