Day 19 – First Visitors!

I was checking my Google Analytics this morning – yes… contrary to popular tin-foil-hat theories, I am going to use Google tools to manage this site, including Google Webmaster Tools.  I don’t buy into the “Google is a spy and the enemy” type stories.  We are all players in the game – Google is just the referee.

Over the last 2 days, I have had 2 “real people” (apart from you lot reading this challenge) going to the painful feet site:

day 19 first visitors


Now – let’s not get too excited here 🙂  2 people is nothing – zip, squat, crap.  Let’s see what happens over the next 7 days.  The real interesting one for me is the visitor from Bing, who came to the page after “Binging” the keyword “foot products for problem feet” – which is good 🙂  Shows that there are people out there looking for products.

So now I am thinking about turning on the money making parts of this site, namely Adsense.  I think I will drop a single rectangle ad within the content, aligned to the left at first.  I will also make sure that the font size and link colors match the blog too, so that it all blends in.  It does mean that I will have to hack the Spectrum theme code to remove the thumbnail from the featured image, but that is fine by me – I might be able to find somewhere else to put it.  Images are good for visitors, or so I am told.

Let’s see what today brings!

  • Jason (magoo) says:

    I don’t have much to add but just wanted to say I’m enjoying following your updates of your site build 🙂

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