Day 21 – Welcome To The Fear

It seems that my energy levels for this new site are starting to plateau now and the need to write more content is an every growing bunion on my limited time.  I have also now creeped into “The Fear” where I am wondering if my niche choice was a good one…

A recent WSO was released (yes, I know I promised to stop reading WSO’s – but this looked quite good) around the correct interpretation of the Google Rating standards and what makes some sites more relevant, authoritative or “better” than others.  Some of the PDF talks about user intent and if sites meet with what the user is searching for and should be ranked accordingly.  However, the one that has got me worried is around my sites “authority”.

Put simply, my painful feet site is a “medical site” and whilst my bio at the end of each post suggests I am not a medical person, I am worried that Google will not see my site as valuable because of that fact.  Do I need to become a qualified podiatrist to be creating such a site?  I am not sure.  But I am worried that I might be delving into a niche (medical) that is sooooo steeped in “authority” and “proper advice” that I might get squashed by the (obviously) more authoritative sites.

It is not something that can be faked either, so I will have to think what value my site might offer people above and beyond the likes of WebMD.  A forum?  Case studies, interviews with relevant medical people?

Hummm.. crap.  I am feeling more than just a little deflated now.  Damn brain… always ruining my fun.