Day 33 – The Content Struggle

So, I have now been doing this niche site challenge for over 1 month and almost feel as if I have nothing to show for it.

My painful-feet site has not made any income and has only had a paltry number of visitors.  However, according to Traffic Travis, which I grabbed the other day, I am sitting on page 6 for one of my keywords in Google!  W00t!  not.

The Googlebot keeps coming to the site and everything is set up as I want it, but the traffic has not arrived as yet.

I will stick with this site though, as I want to see what happens as the site gets bigger and adds content.  I am already thinking that I will try to interview a Podiatrist somehow as a way to get “official” content for the site.  There are actually so many of them out there (even on Twitter) that bagging one or 2 for an email interview might be quite easy.

It will help me as it will give me content for my site and it will help them add credibility to their own business.  If I can get them to tweet/like and share too – even better!  I think that this might be the only way I can add some credible content to my site.

I am also thinking longer term that an “info product” will be the way to go.  But that is a long way off.

I am thinking now, that paying for some content might be the next step.  I didn’t want to go down this route, but I will tell you a why I am considering it.

It was just a double bank holiday, here in the UK, so 2 days off work, Friday and Monday, plus the weekend in between!  Yay!  Easy times to write some content and stuff.  Well, it did not quite work out that way.

Friday went in a blur and I only had time to check a few things like my Adsense and Amazon earnings.  On Saturday, whilst the little one was at football practice, I bashed out 1400 words of content by rewriting an existing article.  I took these 1.4k words and turned them into 2 articles.

Saturday afternoon was a trip to see the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A in London, plus dinner and drinks afterwards (got home at 2am after nearly missing the last train).  Sunday was a big family dinner day, so I was cooking mostly and staying up until 2am (again).

After the initial productivity splurge on Saturday AM stopped, it took me until Tuesday morning to make the posts live.  Each time I sat down and tried to find an image to go with them, I was interrupted by the family or the call of the washing up was too strong to avoid any longer (dishwasher is broken at the moment).

So, taking that into consideration, how can I find the time to write all this lovely content I want for my authority site?  It’s a real problem for me – probably why the “set and forget” thin sites are more ideal for me and my short attention span.  I might have to rely on the odd article from Textbroker or iWriter to help boost the content on the site.  I guess it won’t hurt and will be a good test to see if it works or gives my site a boost.

  • Tao says:

    EDIT: I just ordered 4 articles for the site. I have not performed any KW research for these articles either – just going with my gut feelings of the kinds of articles people will want to read or stuff people will want to know about.

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