Day 34 – iWriter Content Is Rubbish

So, as I suggested yesterday, I got 4 $6 articles from iWriter, based around topics and keywords that I thought would be relevant for my niche site challenge.  They are now available for me to download and I must say – the results are pretty crap to say the least.

So – why am I not happy?

Well, unlike Textbroker, which I have used before, iWriter seems to place people under lots of pressure to complete the articles.  Almost as soon as I published my “project”, complete with the 4 keywords around which the articles are supposed to be written, 3 were snapped up and were being worked on.  However, each of these seemed to have a time limit of either 2.5 or 3 hours to be completed (I am not sure which).

Surely this places the writers under pressure to create the content with less thought, planning or research – ergo = crappy, rushed content for the buyer.

The first article came back and even though I had selected the “Premium” level of “writer skill” it was obviously spun content – so I rejected it and blocked the writer immediately.

The others came in in dribs-and-drabs over the next few hours and I reviewed them last night, accepting them all apart from one, where I asked for a rewrite to be done.  This was because the keyword was based on symptoms and the article was more about causes and treatments.  The writer did do a good job of changing it but the overall quality is not brilliant.

Overall, the articles contain spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, incorrect information and quite a bit of fluffy fill that just pads it out to the required 500 words.  However, one writer did go to 630 words (even though I was only paying up to 500) so kudos to them – but it does make me think, did they just spin an existing 600 word article… rather than write it themselves?

I guess for the iWriter writers, time is money – bang them out the door as soon as possible and deal with the rejections and rewrites as they come.  I would be tempted to do the same myself if I were in the business of writing for them.

Another thing that irked me was that within iWriter, you have different levels of quality you can pay for when asking for your content.  Standard, Premium and Elite.  The top level Elite writers can expect to be paid around $8 per 500 words – not too bad if you can effectively spin content and churn it out.  But the problem is that you can “fast track” to become a Elite writer by keeping your article writing score at 4.5 stars or above for 30 articles and then pay $149 and you get bumped up.

I wonder how many non-english speaking countries have gamed this method…

So, I now have 4 pieces of content to play with.  One good thing about iWriter is that apart from getting the article, you get it checked in Copyscape for free and a copy that has been spun (contains spintax).  I have access to Spin Rewriter, so this is not a biggie for me – but it does save me a bit of time if I want to repurpose the content for something else.

Will I use iWriter again?  Maybe.  I stupidly added too much credit from PayPal so I have $2 left in there to use, which is too little for an article, so I will have to add more to get the money back, if you see what I mean.  I think with the next articles, I will push them back to the writer until they are perfect in every way, which will be hassle for them and more time for me, but worth it in the long run.  Perhaps I might find the perfect person on there who can write for me on a more permanent basis.

I have just found that you can ask certain writers to do your work too and they publish a list of the top rated writers so I will get an article written from the best person on there and see what that is like.  I might end up paying more, but as a benchmark, it will be worth it.

I think you also have to be quite specific when sending the requests out, detailing exactly how you want the article to be written and what they can and can’t do.  Without this, it makes it difficult to go back and complain or give them a poor rating.

Having content written for you is never ideal – unless you find the right person…  It always leaves me feeling a bit cheated.

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