Day 35 – iWriter Elite Redeems Itself

After my rant yesterday about the bad content I got from iWriter, I bunged another $18 in the kitty there and paid for 2 new articles from their top flight Elite writers – and WOW – what a difference a few dollars makes!

Although they cost me $10 a pop, these 2 new articles are written in English and look like they are not spun rubbish or filler crap.  Until the site starts getting more visits (and makes it’s first money) I can’t really start to throw money at more content just yet.  It will give the site a nice boost content wise though.

I now have 6 posts to add to my niche site experiment site and will need to work on making them look pretty (H2/H3 tags etc) and adding images and links to internal and external posts as I see fit.  I should be linking out to other sites I think – it is part of the “SILO authority site model” that I have seen other people using.