Day 52 – How you doin…?

Wow.. It’s been ages since I posted here on on the progress of my niche site challenge.  There goes my other plan to blog here every day about what is going on.

The site is getting a mediocre level of traffic from the serps, but mostly from those of you who are here reading this blog or are checking back on the site’s progress as I slowly add content to it.

Still no earnings from it as yet, but I have started to add a few backlinks here and there to the site, using the excellent GSA search engine ranker and manual links from places like FB and Twitter.  I have also written an article and plonked it up on Ezinearticles too (does that site still work for traffic?)  There is also a Squidoo lens of mine that links to the site now too.

So, my plan to slowly build links to these properties continues.  The Squidoo and EZ pages are still quite new, so I will add some backlinks to those soon too, creating a tiered approach that I have spoken about before.

Site content

As I have tried iWriter and found that unless you pay top dollar you get low quality, I am still into writing all of my own content.  However, I have hit a wall, so to speak, with ideas for content.  I keep writing about one main complaint, which is around my target keyword(s) but I know that if I can expand the site out more to other painful foot complaints, it will work well for me.

I have found that Quora is an excellent resource for content ideas.  I have just visited the “feet tag page” and grabbed 5 ideas for articles on my site.  I grabbed the title ideas and the Quora URL and dumped them into my WP site as draft posts, ready to be fleshed out into proper posts at a later date.  I guess where there are people asking questions, I can provide content that answers that question.

I also posted a question on Quora and spent 50 credits to have it directed at a podiatrist – so thats the 6th article sorted then when he replies 🙂  Hopefully, this is how connections are made with like minded people who I might be able to interview for the site.

So – onwards and upwards 🙂

I have also recently joined Micro Site Profits too (for my friend and I) and am building a site around their method (which is very simple).  Funnily enough, they recommend that the content for those micro niche sites also comes from iWriter – from the lowest possible cost writers.  And even more funnily enough, I did get some good articles for $3 from there which I have put on this new site 🙂

It seems that you have to be VERY specific when asking for what you want and keep asking for rewrites until you get it right.  I have found some good writers on there who can do 500 word articles for $3 – which is great if I need to buy some more content.