Day 60 – How the other half live

One of the main reasons why I started this niche site challenge was all because of a little, unknown internet marketer going by the name of Pat Flynn 😉 You might have heard of him (sarc!).  He started a Niche Site Duel and ended up building a monster site that earns him plenty of cash all year round.  The case study, which is quite old now, was definitely something I would like to emulate, building an authority site.

Now, it seems that he is going to start the niche site duel 2, building a new site, looking for ways to ensure that it ranks well and quickly in Google.  He also seems aware that you can no longer build the site, chuck out a load of crappy spun article backlinks and expect people to start arriving in droves.

On his Facebook page, he mentions enlisting the help of a chap called Alex Becker from who can, apparently, rank sites pretty easily and offers it as a paid SEO service.

Looking around the site, I can see that Alex seems to rely on using tools such as SENukeXCR, Scrapebox and UltimateDemon to do some hands-off backlinking.  This is quite an old strategy, but perhaps he does it with a few tweaks and twists here and there.  This is also not dissimilar to what I do, using GSA Search Engine Ranker to build backlinks to my sites.

It will be interesting to see what Pat and Alex come up with over the next few months.  I think the “duel” will be starting in June and I will definitely be keeping an eye on their plans.