Day Whatever…

I guess I must be around 2 months in to this Niche Site Challenge and am beginning to feel the bite of frustration and being impatient kicking in.

So – the fateful truth is that so far, I have earned $0 from my test niche site – Painful-feet.com.  I have been ranking for some keywords, some of which are in the top 10 of Google according to good old Mr Webmaster Tools, but the traffic is just not coming.  The days of build it and they will come are certainly not around any more.

Or are they….?

Spurred on by my adsense chopping last week, I have built 2 new thin sites (using SBPM and articles copied and spun from various places) and one of the sites (the older one) is already getting around 20 clicks on eBay per day.  So, at my current average EPC, which is £0.06p, this new “thin site” already blows my “thick authority site” out of the water!  So far the thin site has earned me around £6.00 which already pays for the .com domain I splashed out on.

Will it last?  No.  Definitely, the way that Google works shows that the site will do well to begin with, rage and then die, possibly to be picked up by BING and Yahoo if I am lucky.  During it’s brief life, it will make it’s money back – make me a profit and then limp along after that.  Still…. it’s money and it only took me around 1 hour to set up.

This annoying ability for thin, content-lite sites to rank quickly and sufficiently to make money is annoying when you compare the thicker niche site challenge I am working on.

Time to change direction I think.  Time to concentrate more on eBay and Amazon and not on quality articles for my painful feet site.  It’s time to make some money with this site and to hell with the thick idea.  The thicker basis will help me – but not as much as the site having some good eBay items on there to buy and a little spun content to help it along a bit.

Watch this space…

  • Qadar Khan says:

    Man, You got sidetracked again from creating value and pushing yourself to spammy world of olt. I think I am the only one leaving comments here. Me and you started together and my thick site earning for June is $8.50! Remember the first year is not an earning year. It is a long project. 3 years minimum and 5 years are ideal!

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