How To Choose Your Niche

Sometimes, coming up with an idea for a niche website is the hardest part.  Many Internet Marketers start off thinking they can create a site about iPods or Xbox’s and make a shed load of cash – but they soon find that these popular products are almost impossible to beat with a standard niche site approach.  I too fell into this trap

When I started the 30 day challenge with Ed Dale, which was my first foray into making some money online (making $1 was the goal back then 🙂 ) we were encouraged to create sites around our passions, hobbies or things that we “like”.  This is because writing articles about things you are interested in will come more naturally to you and your readers will also notice your enthusiasm.

However, this is not always the case.  Writing about topics you don’t know about can also be very interesting and rewarding too.  Teaching while you are learning can be a great way to make articles and these often come across to the reader as more genuine and helpful.

One of my more popular BANS based sites, which is still going strong I might add, all started when I was using Terapeak to research possible eBay niches.  I was typing in single words, sorting the results by the most expensive items with the highest bids and picking niches based on that information.

The word in question I used was “leather” and lead me to create a site about something I had totally no knowledge of at all.  In fact, it is possibly a topic that could not be more removed from me in rainy old England.  I won’t reveal the niche, but my site, which is now seen as an authority on providing information about these products has seen me networking with people from all over the USA and being the go to person for information.  It’s one of those sites where people email you asking for help all the time, which can be nice.

The, take-away from this post is that ANY niche can be a good niche to pick, providing there are people searching for it in Google and that there are not too many “big boys” dominating the market already.  If the niche is something you know about, then your passion and interest will shine through the content and you will be more inclined to keep the site up to date.

If the niche is something you are not familiar with, then you will bring your passion to learn to the articles, cutting through the noise to make sense for others too.  If you can take a subject and explain it in more simple ways, then people will appreciate that too.

So don’t discount writing your niche site on “knitting patterns for dogs” as your innocence on the subject may be of help to some people.

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