I Must Be Doing Something Right

I seem to be clocking up several sales a day through my painful-feet.com now, all via Amazon.com and mostly for related items that I have blogged about.  Although they may be small value items, I can see that shipping lots of them will help with my overall Amazon affiliate sales as there is a sliding scale of earnings, based on how many items you ship.

I have 77 items to ship before I hit the next tier though…

Image 7The list of items that were sold are as follows:

Image 8The site is also getting quite a few visitors per day for a number of different keywords:


ana;yticsThe visits seem to be on an upward trend, so hopefully, if I can build some more content related to products, rather than information, with links to Amazon items, I should be able to see some sort of good profit soon from the site.  I think I will opt for an 80/20 rule on this, making 4 posts about products to each 1 informational one.

At the moment, the site is on my “thick site rotator”, meaning that I write content for it on a schedule with my other thicker sites.  I only have 2 other thick sites at the moment, so this one should get updated quite often.

Onwards and upwards!




  • Paul Ng says:

    Hi Tao,

    I stumbled upon your blog and began reading some of your posts! I know it has been some time, but congrats on finding a niche, and making sales through Amazon on your painful-feet website!

    I just started my entrepreneurship path online and would love to connect with like-minded people like you!

    Hopefully we can connect via email!


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