My Greatest Enemy During The Niche Site Challenge

One thing that really worries me around this Niche Site Challenge is the time and energy I can commit to working on it.

Apart from my 9-to-5, which can also be more like 8-to-6 some days, I have a family and 2 cats to take care of.  My wife is in the midst of a psychology degree too, so her time after her job is spent studying.  Hence, my balance is all screwed up as I juggle family, work, and my Internet Marketing work all at the time time.

The only time I feel I can really get 100% dedication to it is either during my lunch hour at work or after everyone has gone to bed/woken up.

I used to be able to wake at 6am, write/code/build for an hour and then begin getting children up for school, lunches prepared and breakfast made.  I am not sure if I suffer from SAD, but it is becoming a real struggle to crawl out of bed these days.  Must be my age 🙂

I must confess to being a bit of a night owl sometimes, although I tend to be able to stay up late quite easily but find the crash a few days later too terrible to contemplate.

If I take a typical week, I think I can commit 5 hours to this challenge – and I am being kind to myself there, I think.  I will grab the odd 10 minutes here and there in between putting food in the oven and turning on the vegetable steamer (I have my laptop in my kitchen luckily) so I think I should be able to stretch the time here and there to help.

5 hours does not sound like a lot of time to start a niche site.  I have never read the 4-hour work week, but I am almost there on this one.

Does anyone have any tips for managing their time better?

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