Niche Challenge – Day 3 – Analysis Paralysis

So, I have skipped Day 2 and have bypassed right to Day 3 as I did not really get much done yesterday around the Niche Site Challenge.  I think I have found a niche and at least 1 keyword that could be achievable but I am now stuck in “Analysis Paralysis” , where I am not sure if the information I have been present with is a good punt or not.

The keyword I have found is related to heel pain (see Day 1 for more information) and, apart from a large number of old sites sitting in the top 10, could be possible to rank for, when I get enough backlinks.

However, Market Samurai has changed so much since I used it in anger, I feel a bit worried that the figures are not 100% valid. For example, this keyword shows a SEOC (number of competing sites in the index) as 27. Wow! 27? That should be easy to grab a top spot for. However, the 27 sites are in BING, not Google. If I compare the search in Google, there are 67,000 sites competing for that exact match phrase. Market Samurai seems to have changed to BING to show this metric, which may not really be helpful at all.

However, it does report that there are around 8,100 searches per month in Google for this keyword, so if I can rank in the top 10, that would be excellent.

I have yet to find a good domain for this keyword. There is a .NET one which is an exact match domain (EMD) but I would love to have a .COM if possible as it will help me “build my brand”.  I have been using Domainwhiz to come up with some possible domain name options, which leads me to my next “Analysis Paralysis” point. Is it worth me just building a site around “heel pain” in general and trying to rank my other subset keyword within the site?

My goal was to create an information type site, so this might be a good idea. There is also plenty of information out there that I could grab and rewrite as articles for the site, so this is a plus point.  The keyword I have found is closely related and relevant and could be included within the site, but there is a host of other related keywords too that I could use to write articles about to populate the site with lots of information.

For example (I will not give the niche away just yet) but say the main keyword I had found was “heel pain cream” – would it be best to grab a domain like and then build a whole host of articles all about heel pain, the symptoms, treatments and products, rather than just a site around just the cream called I guess that if I chose the entire niche, I could use the other information and articles to link through to my “buy the cream page”, which would help rank it.

So, thats the choice I have at the moment.

Go for a larger niche, or drill down and concentrate on a smaller subset?  The larger niche choice could lead me to create more of an authority site, which would be good for the future and will lead me to more opportunities of making money (eBooks, videos, Amazon links, paid advertising) but the tighter keyword might make the site easier to rank for and therefore be more successful.  However, the information on the site would be much smaller and I might have to rely more on backlinks to the site to help it in the SERPS.

Thoughts anyone?