Niche Site Challenge – Day 1

Well, we are here!  This is day 1 of the rest of my life!  Well, not quite, but we shall see 🙂

So, to start this Niche Site Challenge, I need…. a niche!

I want to create a site that is more of an informational site, rather than a product review site as I have done them to death already.  To begin, I created a list of ideas for niches and split them down into 3 areas.  “Likes”, “Wants” and “Pains”.  These should give me a few possibilities for finding a niche as they will all be relevant to me a little.  Many gurus tell you to “look around you” to see objects that might lead you to a new niche.  This does work, but creating a list as I have done, makes the whole experience slightly more personal.

So here is the list I have come up with:


  • Playing Guitar
  • Jogging/Running
  • Cats and Kittens (recently got 2 cats)
  • Digital Art (created my my iPad)
  • Self Improvement (how can you improve on perfection?)
  • Cooking
  • PHP
  • WordPress


  • Depression (I have suffered from this for many years)
  • Time Management
  • Foot and Heel Pain (I get this terribly)
  • Cleaning the house (where can I find the time for this too?)
  • Paying the bills (money can be tight sometimes)
  • Paint the house (gosh… I need to do this desperately)
  • IBS (I also potentially suffer from this affliction – never been proven though)


  • Writing (I would love to write a short story/novel at some point)
  • Money (who doesn’t want more?)
  • Retirement (hopefully when I will achieve stuff!)
  • Relaxation (yoga/meditation?  I would like to have time to relax properly)
  • Holidays (I would love to take more holidays)

So, the next step is for me to perform some keyword research using Market Samurai and see if I can find some possible niches.

At first glance, I can see that many of my items are too generic.  “Money” is most likely a no-no due to the fact that there will be too much competition already.  I like the look of the “Pains” list more, as the visitors will be hungry for information and I can offer some sort of eBook to help them, or get them on a list.

It’s funny really.  Looking at the “Likes” list does lead me to more ideas of possible sites, such as a “WordPress PHP Script” type site, where I post small “mini-plugins” to help do things – but it’s just the time and effort that seems to be the stumbling block.  The “Likes” list seems much more of a bigger task, where as creating a site about a subject you don’t know so well, might be easier.

Anyway, on to the keyword research with good old Market Samurai.  I will post a video if possible, showing my choice and reasoning, but not before I have to spend some time researching my niche.

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