Niche Site Challenge March 2013

I have recently become very down heartened with Internet Marketing. Adapting to change should be part of the skill set you need to succeed in this industry, but I have been on a bit of a downward hill for the past 12 months or so.

It’s not that my sites have been suffering too much after Google unleashed the zoo animals into the web, I just find that the time and effort needed to build a good site has become too much for me. Therefore, I decided to concentrate on building thin sites that may last for a few months before becoming deindexed – which does work, but is not really a sustainable business model.

I seem to be drifting between writing on site articles and reviews for my existing well performing sites and building Squidoo lenses, both of which don’t really seem to be bringing too many benefits for me. I got my email from Squidoo the other day for my December earnings – a massive $15. WHy do I bother writing for them, when I could be writing for myself and my own sites?

So what is this Niche Site Challenge all about then?

A few days ago, I stumbled across this niche site duel case study by Pat Flynn, which goes to show that if you put in the effort, you can achieve amazing things.

Although these posts were from back in 2010, it was like a smack in the mouth for me and I could see that I was going down the route of polluting the web with thin sites rather than creating something valuable that I could be proud of. It is time for a change and a duel or challenge is just what I need to give me the fuel to achieve.

I posted a message on a forum about how I was feeling jaded by Internet Marketing at the moment, linked the case study by Pat and seem to have created a challenge for myself and some of the members there.

The challenge will be to “build a successful site“, what ever you deem that success to be. It could be money, visitors, getting to number 1 in the SERPS or anything else you might consider to be “winning“. Due to the fact that there are different people doing this challenge with different skills and tools, I am sure that all the sites will turn out differently and therefore, it cannot easily be measured.

The Niche Site Challenge rules are as follows:

  1. You can create any sort of site you want.
  2. Don’t use paid traffic at all.
  3. Try not to use any of your existing sites to provide link to the new one – this will keep it more authentic.
  4. Use any tools you want to build the site, do KW research, create content, backlinks etc. It will be nice to see what people use and how effective it is.
  5. Report back at least each week on the rank in the SERPS and any earnings.

I thought it would also be a good idea to blog about the experience (hence this site now exists) and keep a good track on the following (thanks S.):

  1. Total investment (domains, hosting, additional tools/scripts/services)
  2. Target keyword(s) ranking
  3. Daily unique visitors
  4. Daily pageviews
  5. Earnings
  6. Social presence (not quite sure how to quantify this as each page can have different metrics)

I think we have decided that the proper challenge will begin on the 1st of March 2013, which will give participants time to get their heads in gear, think of a strategy and also put aside anything else they may be working on at present.

Niche selection and keyword research will all start on day 1 and I am deliberately not thinking about it too much at the moment.  However, I am already thinking that following a sensible, similar plan to Pat’s for finding a niche might be a good idea.  Heck, this is what I used to do when I started Internet Marketing on the 30 Day Challenge – why should I change it now?

Will it work?  Only time will tell, but I am happy to take you on this journey and hopefully be able to show some successes and failures along the way.

Do you want to get involved?  Leave a comment below and let me know if you are planning to do the challenge too and the details of your blog site that you will be using to cover what you are doing.

  • AnnaBella says:

    I won’t be taking part in the challenge but I’ll be watching from the sidelines and cheering everyone on… 🙂

  • Hey Tao I saw you comment on the no hat digital blog regarding their new content tool. and you said you have a script that does something similar. I’m interested if your selling access? money site content is a pain

    • Tao says:

      The tool I created is essentially a function that allows me to rewrite an existing article manually, line per line, paragraph per paragraph.
      I find that tools that pull information from many different sources to build an article are not that great and you end up with all sorts of information that does not really hang together very well as an article.
      Compare that to taking an article or some PLR that is shown to be already ranking and getting visitors (ezinearticles for example), take it and rewrite it using your own voice and style – that, to me seem much better and more consistent across your website. You can see paid-for-articles a mile off when you visit someone else’s site, that just “don’t quite fit in”.
      I am planning to put my script up somewhere as a free tool and yes, I am sure there are other tools out there that do the same already.

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