Niche Site Project – A New Case Study!

I think it’s about time I build a new niche site and let you see the process as I go along.  Not only is this interesting for you, but it also keeps me accountable to anyone who reads and follows along the journey.

I am currently dabbling with the following online ventures:

  • Thicker niche sites.
  • Thin, eBay sites (my main income).
  • Moving my articles from sites like eZinearticles, Hubpages and Squidoo to another location that will be more lucrative in the long run (well… maybe – more on that after I get my first earnings and I can prove that it works).
  • Coding WordPress plugins in PHP and selling them.

The thin sites are definitely “set and forget” and don’t need much maintenance, but the thicker sites do take up more time and need regular content added to them to make them profitable.

I am also currently involved with another Niche Site Duel with a group I have hooked up with via the Micro Site Profits Facebook page.  We are all trying to rank a site for a single keyword and all seem to be struggling a little, although I think Google has at last started to rank the site for it’s main keyword and I have been making sales from Amazon since the first few weeks.

So, why start a new Niche Site?

Why not!  I need to keep my income rolling in and Amazon seems to be working much better than eBay for certain niches.  I definitely trust buying from Amazon more than eBay these days and I think the general public does too.

For this niche site, I will be following a similar path to my previous effort, but this time I will be using a method called Niche Site Project Management by Doug Cunnington.

The Niche Site Project method is pretty similar to others out there:

  1. Find keyword.
  2. Find related keywords.
  3. Write/order content.
  4. Build site with WordPress.
  5. Build tiered backlinks over time.

However, the thing that sets this course apart from the others is that the implementation of your new site, is all based around project management techniques – something I am not too distant from in my day job.

Having set tasks on certain days will help me maintain focus and know what to do when, which is helpful when you have so many sites and stuff online all the time.  Doug also lists some information about Risk Management too, which will help you plan for any unforeseen issues by mitigating, removing or transferring the issue.  Again, all stuff I live and breathe in my day job.

I will be keeping this blog updated with my progress and in the end, I plan to sell the site somewhere as this is going to be another of my business plans going forward.  Having these niche sites is all well and good, but when you end up with lots that you have to maintain, it becomes a bit of a problem if you are not trusting enough to outsource your content to others.

I think I have found a keyword to work with, using Long Tail Pro, so I will update here in a few days – so make sure you keep updated by subscribing using the “Subscribe By Email” option in the top right hand corner of the page.