Re-Ranking An Old Site Using Keyword Research

I have been making websites for quite a few years now and I have some sites kicking around that have not really made much income in their life and are now just sitting there, not doing very much at all – from Amazon, eBay or even getting any visitors.

I have decided that I am going to put my newly found love of Keyword Research using Long Tail Pro to use to revamp the site and hopefully get it making some money again.

Ok – firstly, lets look at the current baseline of visitors over the last 12 months:


As you can see, this is pretty piss-poor and will definitely not lead me to make any money at all.

As for earnings, the site has only earned me $25 from Amazon affiliate links in it’s lifetime and about $50 from eBay in the last 12 months.

The site currently has 75 posts, which are a mixture of reviews, guides and a smattering of automatically generated “thin posts” using SBPM.  Each proper “review” post has links to items on Amazon (using EasyAzon) and to eBay (using phpBay Pro).  The site used to use ReviewAzon as the main method of linking to Amazon, but I find that the newer version of this plugin is too slow to use and implement.

There are no other ads on the site at all (I have no Adsense account any longer).

In addition to the SBPM created posts, there is also a “Thin Widget” in the sidebar, that links to automatically generated pages, linking to eBay items.  In total, Google shows that there are 98 pages indexed on this site, which are a mixture of each type.

The site is registered with Google Analytics, but not Google Webmaster Tools – so I will be adding it to that too shortly to see if any manual actions have been applied to the site or if there are any issues with indexing.

Action plan:

I have done some keyword research using Long Tail Pro Platinum and have found a new target keyword for the home page.  At present, the home page has a short introduction paragraph, followed by graphical links to each manufacturer of the target product.

As a visual homepage, it looks ok but there is definitely scope for getting rid of this and writing an article that is over 1000 words long, targeting the main keyword for the site.  I can include a table of the most popular items in the niche and some detailed “buyers guide” type information too.

Using Long Tail Pro, I have also found some good related keywords that I can use as article titles to help build out the site more.  These keywords will help bring some longer tail visitors to the site as I try to get the site to rank for the main keyword.

I will remove the SBPM created posts as they are not adding any value at all to the site and also delete the “thin widget” too as I feel that this may be dragging the site down overall as those pages are just pure spam.


I will also be looking to create some backlinks to the site using tiered web 2.0 resources and blog commenting.  I will most likely outsource most of this work as this is the stuff I really hate.  However, once the main homepage has been updated to target the new main keyword, I will be looking to create around 10-20 blog comments per day, from targeted sites.  This should help Google rediscover the site and help with the reindexing process.

Site design

The site needs an overhaul from a design perspective, so I will be uploading Thesis 2.0 and using this as the main theme for the site.  It currently uses an older version of Thesis and the general look and feel is awful – definitely something that needs fixing if I am going to take the user experience into account with this re-launch.


This plan will take some time and I plan to write most of the content myself if possible, so this will be a re-launch that will take a few months.  If I can show an increase in visitors and earnings, then this will have been a success.

Have you done a site relaunch before and how did it go?  What advice can you give me on the do’s and don’ts?