Shiny Things Kill Productivity

Let’s talk about WSO’s… those shiny, gleaming promises of foolproof methods of newbies getting to live on the beach whilst working a 10 minute day but still raking in thousands of dollars of income per hour.

I am sure we have all seen or bought a WSO over our lives as Internet Marketers and I am no exception.  Some have been useful but most of them just end up clogging up my hard disk and are read, digested and never acted upon.

I have no doubt that some of the methods that people write about are genuine and useful, but if I were making thousands a week from a “new secret backdoor traffic method” then I would NEVER and I repeat, NEVER sell my method for a measly few dollars to people who have no real idea how to even FTP a file, let alone set up a sales funnel and autoresponder series.

As part of this Niche Site Challenge, due to start on March 1st 2013, I will be deleting any emails that have the word WSO in.  I will also remove any links to those nefarious sites where I can download copies of the WSO’s for free if I choose to.

These PDFs and Videos are just time sucks and end up causing more confusion than good.  I remember when I started the 30 day challenge with Ed Dale – there were simple rules to work by and content was king.  I knew nothing of CPA, PPC or “Offline”.  Hell, I did not know too much about on site SEO either then, but that did not stop me building a few sites that were, and are still popular with Google.  All I needed was Market Samurai, a good idea for a niche and I was making money.  Why was that?  Because I was writing them for visitors, not to game a secret sauce SEO ranking method.

Time to tune out from the static, get back to basics and build a successful site.

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