The Niche Site Challenge – Day 6 – Snot

So the past 4 days have been taken up with the usual family weekend, followed by a 2 day training course for my 9-to-5 entitled “Customer Excellence”.  I am sure you can imagine the breakout group exercises, the company mantras and the reading aloud of the mission statement whilst you “smile when you dial”.

Actually, it was not like that at all and, although I am 99.9% against business bullshit buzzword bingo type stuff (I just want to get on with my job!) I did enjoy it.  It was also an overnight stay, which was cool.

However, the days away and the fact that I have returned with a snotty cold, means that my Niche Site Challenge is no further forward than before.

See… I told you my time was limited on this project!  Still, I plan to strive ahead with this project and get a domain and at least 1 page of content up before the end of the week.