What Is The Perfect Niche Site Structure?

I am already thinking about how I will build and create my site as part of this Niche Site Challenge – and I only have a week or so until it starts too.  Many “make money online gurus” like to tout certain build styles and formats for their sites (or they like to tell people how they think they should be built).  But which is the best idea for a site format?  Here are my thoughts – click for a bigger image if needs be:

Dog Training site structure example

So essentially, the structure is like an hourglass shape.  The main money site, Dog Training in this example, has 3 main categories and under each one, there are related articles to that category.  I would find these categories and article ideas using tools such as Market Samurai to grab popular keywords related to my niche and build article titles around them.

Above the site is the backlinking strategy, where high PR sites are used as the first tier, such as article sites, forums, Squidoo and press releases.  Then, lower value (and easier to get) backlinks would be directed at those high PR assets, causing the flow of “link juice” (god… I hate that phrase) to pass through to my money site.  Tools such as GSA Search Engine Ranker can be used to build these lower quality backlinks, provided you use it in the right way.

Of course, to make it natural, the more backlinks that point to my articles rather than the homepage, the better as this will help the overall site rank for my keywords, rather than just the front page.

Along side this hourglass strategy, I would create a good social media presence, with a Facebook page, Google Plus page and Twitter account – at the least!  There are so many other similar sites out there that you could almost spend all day updating your statuses.

Sites and services like YouTube are also important these days too and sometimes Google will rank a video higher than a related website, so video should definitely play a part in an overall strategy.  I suspect that for me, the best way to do this would be to create a video for each article on my site, teasing the viewer into visiting for more information.

These can be quite short and simple videos that just pique the viewers interest for more information, which I provide wrapped around my Adsense ads.

So, what do you all think of my “perfect niche site structure”?  What have I missed out, what would you include and what experiences can you share of how you have designed your site.  Leave a comment below.

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