Tools I Will Use For The Challenge

Over the years I have amassed a huge array of software tools to help with making money online.

Do they all work?  Probably not – and there are only a handful that I keep coming back to that do work and will give me the results I need.  I plan to use a few tools for the Niche Site Challenge that will help me research my keywords, make me money, track my ranking and also write my content for me.

Here is a list of the tools I plan to use, which will most likely change over the course of the challenge:

Market Samurai

market samuraiFor me, this has been the best keyword research tool I have had.  I bought the full version when I started the 30 day challenge (when market samurai actually first came out I think) and have not looked back since.

One of the massive upsides for me is that it runs in Adobe Air, which means it is native on my MacBook.  I have to run other Windows tools inside a VirtualBox virtual machine, which is ok and not too much hassle, but it’s nice to have a product that runs on my Mac.

Also, the support and updates and investment that the MS team make on a regular basis is excellent.  It is all too common for someone to make a tool and then dump it soon after raking in the cash.  I have also tried other tools such as Micro Niche Finder, but as they are PC based, they always leave me annoyed at having to run them inside a VM.

You can get a free trial of Market Samurai here.

Spin Rewriter

spin rewriterI assume I will be using Spin Rewriter to spin an article for submission to either my main money site, or most likely as tier 1 backlink articles, submitted to places such as Ezinearticles.

As with the previous tool, this software is web based, so I can run it on my Mac with no issues and the quality of the spin is very good (and getting better!).

I used to use The Best Spinner, but often found that I was spending too long navigating the (Windows) program.  I actually found it easier to use the “sentence rewriting” option that allowed me to view a sentence in the article and the rewrite it manually in my own words.

Since moving to Spin Rewriter, I have created my own article tool that will allow me to manually rewrite articles by the sentence/paragraph.  It’s a bit rough around the edges, but it works and it’s great for dropping in an article from somewhere else and giving it your own voice.

Hopefully, I will plan to use both of these tools on my new site.

GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA search engine rankerThis is a more recent addition to my toolset and I am seeing some benefits from using it already.

This Windows software is designed to create backlinks to your site by dropping comments, articles, posts and accounts around the web.  I know that tools like this already exist (Senuke, XRumer etc) but GSA is much cheaper and can be tweaked to run in many different ways.

For example, you can set a project to run, dropping articles (created with spun text) onto article sites with a PR or 6 or more.  This article will obviously have your backlink to your site added, which you can rotate through any keyword you want, plus random “click here” type anchor text.

GSA Search Engine Ranker will also handle all of your registration emails and verify that the links have been created.  Once they have been verified, you can set a 2nd project to only work on those verified links, dropping less valuable backlinks to it, rather than direct to your money site.

Therefore, with a bit of work, you can set up a good link pyramid quite easily and schedule it to run at only a set number of submissions per day (plus or minus a random amount to make it look natural) or between certain hours of the day.

The power of this tool is amazing.  When combined with GSA Indexer and GSA Captcha Solver, you have a very automated tool on your hands.

I would like to invest in a Windows VPS to run this 24*7, but I have it running all the time inside my VirtualBox image on my Mac, which is not too bad.

How do I plan to use this tool as part of the Niche Site Challenge?  I am not 100% sure yet, but I suspect I will use it to create a backlink pyramid to my money site, slowly over time.  Nothing is set in stone yet.

WordPress And Plugins

wordpress logoI will be using a WordPress site for the challenge and a few plugins that will make managing the site much easier.

I will most likely use the following:

  • Yoast SEO plugin
  • WP-Insert for managing Adsense or banner ads
  • WP Super Cache to keep the site nice and speedy
  • Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate – something I picked up quite a while ago that allows me to create pretty affiliate links and have the plugin automatically hyperlink relevant words on the site to the offer.  It’s a great time saver.

I am not sure beyond that with regards to WordPress plugins.

Rank Checker Ace

rank checker aceThis web based service tracks the SERPS of Google, Yahoo and Bing! to show me where my site ranks for certain keywords.  The great thing is, that it sends you an email daily with your rank revealed and shows if it has dropped or gained any places.

I will be using this tool to track the location of my site during this Niche Site Challenge.

Plus, it’s free 🙂  So what’s not to like?  Sign up here

So which tools will you be using for your Niche Site Challenge?  Let me know in the comments box below.

  • Qadar Khan says:

    Hi Tao,
    I know you since BANS days and have seen you in phpbay and OLT. I do not post in these forums but do now and then log in and read the posts. Your rightly said to completely ignore any WSO and any so called foolproof methods and to focus only on building something that creates values. I must add it here, that it is extremely essential to forget about tools like spinner posts, best spinners, MNF, Market Summari etc. I will even suggest to forget about keyword tools. All these tools and spinners do not create value and will pollute your vision of building something useful. The only fool proof method is write for the human visitors, not the search engine. When you write for humans and create something that offers value, the search engine is a bonus! Even posting on these thin pro forums is a waste of time. If we would have put our efforts in creating something of value since BANS times, we not only would have been proud of our work but also of ££££s rolling into our bank accounts.

    • Tao says:

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      I agree with you totally. I never used to look at a keyword tool before writing an article back when BANS was my main method of making sites. I used to pick a topic that was relevant to my niche, or review a certain popular branded item and off I went.

      IM is one of those things that I just end up over thinking rather than taking action. I have 3 long articles I rewrote recently and have not posted them anywhere. Why? Because I can’t decide the best place for them? I am not sure if they sit best as a backlink to my site from an article directory or as good on site content for Google and my visitors.

      Perhaps I will submit them to Ezinearticles and then spin them for my site, or vice-versa. That seems to be a popular way to go. Alternatively, submit the same article to a load of article sites and let them worry about the duplicate content problem, although I suspect it will filter through to my site somehow.

  • Qadar Khan says:

    In my opinion, spinning, building backlinks, article marketing etc. all this stuff kills quality and drags you towards spamming and polluting. Sites become successful on the basis of content offering value. I am not talking about the so called original and unique copyscape pass content. I am talking about real value to the user. All you need is stick to creating value. It takes time but it delivers. I have learned my lesson and have killed all OLTs, ezines, WSOs, MNFs etc. I am now enjoying the work I do and always share it with the people I know and am proud of.
    The only two things that can make us successful long term are: Valuable Content and Guest Blogging , and that too in the ratio of 80:20!
    I know we have been working in a certain mindset for the last several years and it will take time to shed that load of sh**t off our brains.
    BTW do you use any internal linking plug in for this blog? which one?

    • Tao says:

      I am only using the Maxmind Ninja Affiliate plugin at the moment to link to “external assets” 😉 and I have not really looked at an internal linking one as yet, but it is definitely something I will be installing soon.

      I know what you mean about spinning and generating too much pollution. I have taken the easy way out for way too long now – time to get back on the rails and create valuable content that my readers and visitors will love, not stuff that Google will slurp up and like as part of their latest algo.

      I have not really looked at guest blogging too much – do you use any services for this or do you just approach a site yourself?

  • Qadar Khan says:

    “time to get back on the rails and create valuable content that my readers and visitors will love, not stuff that Google will slurp up and like as part of their latest algo.”

    That is what I love! I am not using any service for content writing. I am doing it all myself. I have books, magazines etc of my area of interest. It is so fun. I am learning and publishing.

    Regarding guest blogging, do not think of low quality content for guest blogging. It should be as good as your own content. Rather it should be better than that. Guest blogging should be started only once you have enough content on your site. For quality and inspiration I recommend http://www.stevepavlina.com/ and for guest blogging you may read the stuff at http://www.dailyblogtips.com/5-lessons-i-learned-from-writing-almost-300-guest-posts-in-one-year/

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